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Scientists confirm universe is changing dramatically
410% increase in natural
disasters on Earth!
1,000 Chassidic Rabbis, Jews claim Rabbi M. M. Schneerson
(above) to be true and only King Messiah. Full in depth report
WAR WITH IRAN: Foretold in Talmud as sign of Messiah's imminent arrival
Free e-book reveals more,
greater disasters coming

Da Vinci Code's success
heralds end of Catholic
Why Judaism rejects Jesus
Resource: Messiah 101 - A
Resource: Messiah 101 - B
Resource: Messiah 101 - C
Comet Shoemaker - Levy 9 and Kaballah's explanation.
Hidden Message of the 1st Gulf
War 1991
World will be *STUNNED* by actual "resurrection"
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In view of Shabbatai Tzvi,
the Nazarene and prior failed
Jewish Messiahs how can
this possibly be true and/or kosher?
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